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Our Broodmares

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The broodmare is as important, if not more important, to the quality of the foal as the sire. The mares bloodlines, personality and overall health and conformation play a very dominant role in the outcome and success of their progeny.
All of our broodmares have excellent, sought after, bloodlines, are successfully performance tested and have either had show careers or are about to go to the show ring.

Please contact us if you would be interested in a customized breeding. Below is the list of our current Broodmares and some of our best retired Broodmares. 

Lord Pezi/La Laureate MMP (Cheenook/Blitzwind)


Special Premium L'Attitude MF was a 2009 Oldenburg GOV Premium Foal &
Foal of Distinction
At age 4 she was the winner of her Oldenburg GOV Mare Performance Test with highest score in North America of 84.
She showed in the Hunters and was Champion every time out. She is just the perfect mare in every way! 
In 2017 her first foal, Beyond Bliss M,  was named a Premium Foal, a Foal of Distinction and named a Stallion Prospect. Then she produced two absolutely perfect Elite fillies, Lasting Bliss M and Limitless Bliss M.

Beyond Bliss M
Bliss MF/Lord Pezi


EM Royal Envy MF
King David/Ladybug 


Now Retired

Elite Mare Royal Envy MF is one of the most beautiful movers you will ever see, a gift from her mother, Ladybug, who won three out of three hack classes at indoors. Luckily she also got her jumping talent! From her Grand Prix jumper father, King David, she got a calm, quiet way of going and she is about as comfortable a horse as you will ever sit on. Fortunately she passes on her calm quiet nature to her offspring.

Her first born was Royal Legacy MF by Balta'Czar, then our stallion Carry On MF by Corlando, as well as a beautiful filly by our stallion Balt'Amour named
Blink Twice MF and a gorgeous filly by
Bliss MF named Bliss This M. Last but not least a spectacular colt named Bonafied Bliss M.

Carry On MF
Corlando/King David

Trip Conformation left.jpg

Royal Legacy MF

Blink Twice jump.jpg

Blink Twice MF

Palladium MF
Paparazzo/Royal Legacy MF 
(Balta Czar)


Palladium MF, daughter of Royal Legacy MF and granddaughter of Royal Envy MF, had a very successful show career in the Hunters, following in the footsteps of her famous great grandmother Ladybug.

Her first foal, a gorgeous filly, Perfect Bliss M by Bliss MF, sold at three weeks old after jumping a 3 ft square oxer all on her own in front of the prospective buyer! That sealed the deal! Perfect Bliss M is the 5th generation of our breeding program and this wonderful mare line! 

Next she produced a Stallion Prospect! One of only four on the whole GOV Tour! Then she produced another stallion prospect!

Perfect Bliss M
Bliss MF/Paparazzo


Blind Date M
Bliss MF/Paparazzo


Rio Grande/Lucky Boy II


Now Retired

Britney is by Rio Grande out of a Lucky Boy II mare. She had a very successful career in the Amateur Owner Hunters at AA shows on the West Coast, before she was retired due to an injury, but is now sound. She is so much fun to ride and very comfortable. Britney has given her quiet intelligent personality to all of her foals, as well as her incredible athletic ability.

Britney is a 16.3 H Canadian Warmblood who is also approved by Oldenberg GOV,  BWP, ISR/Oldenburg NA, where she won the Mare Performance Test, and Westfalen (RPSI).

Britney has produced six fillies, Royal Solstice MF by Balta'Czar, Caught in the Act MF by Chaleon, Royal Rayne MF by Torino (Cassini/Heartbreaker) Belle Amour M by Balt'Amour,  Becoming M by Apiro and Befitting M by Carry On MF and two colts, Bragging Rights MF by Balt'Amour and Pure Bliss M by Bliss MF so far and they are all Premium foals.

BR Jump.jpg
Bert trotting.jpg
Tory conf.jpg

Lost in Love MF
Lupicor/Royal Legacy MF (Balta'Czar)


Lost in Love MF (Lyka) is by the very successful Grand Prix stallion Lupicor. She inherited his huge jump and perfect style. From her mother Royal Legacy MF she got a very quiet brain and easy going nature. She had a very successful show career in both Hunters and 

Jumpers and now will be a broodmare for us. Her first foal is a fabulous filly by Bliss MF named Lost in Bliss M. Her second is the big jumping Blissicor M. Our newest is also a very fancy colt.

Contessa M
Contini/Lapiana (Lester/Bergerac)


Contessa M was imported from Germany in late 2017. She had two foals then went on to have a short but successful career in the Jumper ring. She a classic '10' Hunter type mover and has the perfect jump we all look for. Her stunning filly by Carry On MF is going to be an exceptional athletic. Very excited about this filly! Looking forward to a Bliss MF foal now.

ES Prinz Gaylord/Rio Grande



Lily is owned by my great friend Pat Mann, who bought her from Taylor Willever. She had a spectacular career as a top level show Hunter for both of them! So now she will have some babies which we are all very excited about. 



Revlon was a very successful yearling and 2 yr old on the line including Dressage at Devon. Her foals followed in her footsteps and have all been successful as well. We look forward to the opportunity to breed her this year. Thank you to my wonderful friend and her owner Elizabeth Lubrano Haines.

Optimum M
Balou du Rouet/Ornella (Argentinus/Pik Trumpf)



Poppy is the full sister to our stalion Bliss MF. Very similar in movement and jumping style to her famous brother. Will be bred in the spring and continue her education under saddle.

True Bliss M
Bliss MF/Tasiola (Emillion)


L'Avenir M
Bliss MF/La Laureate (Cheenook)


Make My Day M
Bliss MF/Pistol Envy TFH (Pablo)


Devine Bliss M
Bliss MF/Fruhling


Torrero/Gold Apollo/Pericles

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