the ride behind the ribbon begins with the bloodlines behind the dream

Carry On MF

Sire - Corlando

1988 Performance test in Adelheidsdorf
Overall Score 120.78 (10th/56)
Dressage 112.78 (14th)
Jumping 132.18 (5th)

Corlando's performance scores designate him a Class I stallion, with above average individual scores, including a highly regarded 10 for jumping ability under saddle!  He competed successfully at the Bundeschampionate twice, as well in show jumping to S-level (4'11). He has a total of 3,650 € in winnings. As per the FN in 2002 he had a breed value of 109 in dressage and 127 in jumping with a high security level of 92%. In 2004 The United States Equestrian Federation ranked Corlando 6th out of 4,000 for production of successful jumping offspring in the US, only to be superseded by such giants as Voltaire, Burgraff and a few other top stallion

Sire - Corlando at 4 years old in Germany

Grand Sire - Calypso II

Corlando’s sire Calypso II descends from the legendary Anglo-Norman, Cor de la Bryere. He is quoted as being “one of the few genuinely impressive stallions of German competition horse breeding and one of the greatest Holstein foundation sires following the 2nd World War .” He is highly integrated in the pedigrees of some of the best Hanoverians and Holsteiners, exceeding 200 daughters, numerous approved sons, and countless performance horses. His impressive stature and kind temperament were prepotent in his progeny, the most influential being Calypso I & II, Calando, Caletto I &II, Cicero, and Corrado I. Calypso II is clearly his father’s son and is accredited for producing jumping horses of insurmountable scope and ability. He produced Contender, whom was the undisputed winner of the 1987 Adelheidsdorf stallion performance test and the sire of MANY approved sons. Interestingly, both Contender and Corlando carry Ramiro in their dam’s pedigree!  Ramiro is another legend seemingly needing no introduction. As with Cor de la Bryere, he is seen in the pedigrees of today’s most accomplished breeding and performance horses. It is often said among breeders that “you can never have too much Ramiro.” He was a successful international showjumper under rider Fritz Ligges and stamped his get with the finest of jumping abilities. It is not to go un-mentioned, however, that he was also a fine sire of dressage horses. Rinaldo, one of Ramiro’s 70+ approved sons, sired a dressage Derby winner in 1987, as well as Corlando’s dam Navenna.

Mother - Royal Envy MF by King David