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Bliss MF #1 2021 Hunter Breeding Stallion in the USA 

Bliss MF #1 2022 Hunter Breeding Stallion in the USA 

Bliss MF sire of 2022 Best Young Horse at Devon

Bliss MF sire of National High Score & #4 3 Yr Old Hunter

Bliss MF #1 2022 Hunter Breeding Stallion in the USA 

Bliss MF sire of Best Young Horse at Devon

Pilandro Blue Approved by Oldenburg GOV & Westfalen!

We are thrilled to announce that Pilandro Blue was approved as a stallion by both Oldenburg GOV and Westfalen.  Huge thanks to judges Sebastian Rohde (GOV) and Otto Schalter (Westfalen). We will be offering him to breeders in 2019. 


Carry On MF 2013 70-Day Stallion Test Jumping Champion

Scoring a huge 128.55 for Jump and 117.25 for Dressage after a 5% age deduction
finishing third overall. 
Scores include: Character 9.5, Temperament 9, Willingness to Work 9.5, Constitution 9.5, Trot 8.5, Gallop 8.5, Walk 8, Free Jump 10, Stadium Jumping 9.5, Cross Country 8.5. The guest riding judges gave him ridability scores of 9 for Dressage and 9.25 for Jumping.

Trip dressage2.jpg

Bliss MF Overall Reserve Champion
of the 2012 NA 70-Day Stallion Testing

Scoring the highest overall score of 127.6, but having the 5% age deduction of 5.29 subtracted still gave Bliss MF a terrific score of 122.31, just shy of the winning score of 126.59 (no age deduction). Bliss MF was definitely the most well rounded stallion, finishing second (by .81) in jumping with a score of 124.23 (winning score was 125.04) and third in Dressage (by .31) with a score of 119.77 (second place was 120.08, first was 135.93 both with no age deduction). Equally as important were Bliss MF's interior scores: 9 for Character, 9 for Temperament, 9.5 for Willingness to Work, 9 for Constitution. His movement scores were 8 for trot, 9 for Gallop and, of course the score we are most proud of, 10 for Jump.

Bliss big ump test.jpg
Bliss outside wall.jpg
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