plans for 2023 Foals

These are the current plans for breeding match-ups for our next crop of foals. 
Bred for the Hunter, Jumper, Eventing & Dressage rings,
there will be something for everyone!


Contessa M

P1000856 (Edited).JPG

Bliss MF
Balou du Rouet/Argentinus/ 
Pik Trumpf

Due ?


Devine Bliss M
Bliss MF/Fruhling

Trip Conformation left.jpg

Carry On MF
Corlando/King David

Due ?

Confirmed in Foal! 
This future foal will be an excellent athlete and absolutely fabulous looking! Conformation, movement and jump, jump and more jump! Hunter or Jumper!

Carry On MF
Corlando/Royal Envy MF 
(King David/Spiritofseventysix)

Torrero/Gold Apollo

Trip jump PB.jpg

This future foal will be a wonderful athlete. Conformation, movement and jump! Dressage, or Hunter! Second time for this breeding because the first filly is fantastic!

Due ?